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Ideas on demand

For those in the creative industries, it’s a familiar feeling—you can almost hear the clock ticking down to to your deadline, but there’s just nothing going on upstairs. 

I’ve dabbled in writing in all of its glorious forms, with a background as a copywriter for the advertising industry. While musicians have songs, and authors have books, my ‘creative currency’ was ideas. If I didn’t come up with a strong idea, then I wasn’t bringing the goods. 

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Alice McKenzie
Socially speaking

Have you caught yourself screaming ‘how do I interact on this *@!$&ing new-fangled technology’ more than once or twice? 

Without making you out to be a total dinosaur, many brands struggle to connect on social media. While each platform has its own unique quirks, there are some general rules to follow when it comes to marketing businesses on social media. 

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Brand voice

What’s this ‘brand voice’ everyone keeps banging on about? 

Do you need one? Do you already have one? Is this just a fancy phrase for how you write?

In short, yes. Lock it in. D: All of the above. 

Of course, it’s much more than that too. Alongside your logo, palette and imagery, voice is an integral element of your brand personality. If it’s all over the place, you risk coming across like you have no idea what you’re doing. Harness it, and and you can establish authority, relationships, and lift your brand to compete with the big dogs. So how do we go about cracking this elusive code?

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